XTR SL-CK construction, shaped by Tomo Tested by the best, you be the Judge....

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July 22nd 2012
JHP Wins Gold in ISA Masters!!!

Surfing a ground pounding South swell against an elite crowd of international competitors, Javi plunged his 6' 2 1/2" JHP-XTR Calafia square into a GRINDING forehand barrel; posting the highest heat score and claiming an undisputed victory over a field of crafty veteran rippers. Javi used a totally stringerless XTR blank construction for maximum performance. It's important to note that at least 60-70% of the waves surfed were brutally powerful closeouts, certainly powerful enough to break a board, None the less, the Stringerless XTR construction proved tough enough to stand up to the rowdy Southern Hemi swell AND help Javi achieve a life long goal with this prestigious ISA World Title, leaving in Second Place to Allen Sarlo from USA, Third was the Australian Rob Baldwin and fourth Caig Shreiber from Costa Rica.

2011 Summer Surfboard Buyers Guide

Oceanside CA,Mar 2011; The new XTR 7 series is finally aproved for no vents, after 14 months of testing in different countries and several heat conditions, in the future all XTR boards will have a white temperature sticker, with higer temperatures. The result is no delaminations due to heat exposure.

Oceanside CA Jan 2011: After many epoxy resin versions, we introduce the XTR-20 , (20 min. pot life), that will solve all yellowing problems related to epoxy resins in general, This new resin was designed at Epoxy Pro only for surfboard lamination, for those customers who own an Epoxy surfboard that turn yellow this is the ultimate solution.

Santa Catalina- Panama Sept 2010: XTR founder and shaper of Pulse/JHP surfboards surf the finals of the ISA master division with a knee injury to another silver medal representing the peruvianteam,

Javier was surfing with a 6'3" Calafia on waves from 4ft to 12 ft.

San Clemente CA. Jun 2010: Recognized Top Shaper "COLE" is making some nice XTR surfboards available to any surfer that wants to try the new XTR 7 version. COLE is actually working with Naki Surf in Japan making all the new models that are also available in XTR 3D CK.

Trestles CA. May 2010: XTR Founder Javier Huarcaya and staff member Pedro Diaz won their own divisions at the WSA wining the 2010 titles, with Pulse XTR surfboards, both shapers and designers dominated the entire season on the Master and Legends division.

North Shore Hawaii: March 2010: Bethany Hamilton entered this triple section barrel with a doggie door exit into the competition. It was so insane I felt compelled to give her an award . This epic barrel opens up possibilties for all women contenders in the 2010-2011 North Shore Big Wave Challenge.

Bethany Hamilton was one of the first Pro surfers to test the new Merrick XTR 7 series, check the speed and her ability on the video.

Oceanside CA Feb 2010. NEW XTR 7 Series

After 20 year working with Extruded Foam and epoxy resins, we announce an important step forward with the new XTR 7 series, (7.C & 7.0).The new foam is very light and durable and still 100% water proof. You can actually surf with just a shaped blank before glassing. It also includes a new non toxic and durable non yellowing epoxy resin.

All XTR properties of the original formula will have now a surfboard that performs exactly the same as the 5 series with extra durability.

WHY XTR 7 series?

XTR always focus on performance, with the new foam we add an extra durability to the performance, the new XTR 7 series should last at least 50% more than any Poly (clark) or EPS.

Also one of the limitations on the past was heat, this new foam is now more resistant to high temperatures up to 175'F from 145 'F from past 5 series, no more delaminations and no more worries with the same performance.

All this new improved properties will allow us to give one year warranty on any yellowing or delamination issues from the past.

Glassing is exactly the same......just more durable surfboard, and more responsive.

7.C = 5.C, glass with (4 oz bott. and double 4 oz on top).

7.0 = 5.0, glass with (5 oz bott. and double 4 oz on top).

(All surfboards will now be made with the new improved materials).)

Oceanside CA:, Nov 2009

After some research and comunicating with Pro surfers and surfers we realized that most surfers think EPS is closed cell foaam, like XTR Foam, Have a closer look under a digital microscope..........


CLICK on the links below too watch video of cell structure.__ XTR FOAM 100 % closed cell EPS FOAM

Vancouver Island, Canada, October 31, 2009
Local Canadian wild card Peter Devries wins WQS "Cold water Classic Canada" on a XTR AKA surfboard, shaped by Jay Novack from San Diego CA.
In an energy fueled final both in the water and out against World Tour surfer Jay Thompson in what was a fairytale ending to a week on the wild edges of Canada in Tofino on Vancouver Island.
I cannot believe this. It feels incredible. Its crazy, said Peter. Just to have all these guys here and to come out on top its been such an incredible experience this week.
It was a story that could almost have been a Hollywood script. Local Tofino surfer, Peter Devries started the week as one of the Canadian wildcards in this 6 Star ASP WQS competition.
He ended not only a hometown hero, but also now somewhat of a national hero. Its been an amazing week, said Peter. But tomorrow morning I will be up again early walking the dog with my girlfriend it will be like any other day.
Thousands of people lined the beach to support Peter as well as the rest of the surfers for the final day of this competition the first professional surf contest in Canada.

This another excelent result and keeps adding to the list of professional surfers winning contests with XTR surfboards.

Mason Ho 1st. place 2008 O'Neil Oakley Jr. Pro". XTR Lost.
Sofia Mulanovich 1st place 2008 WCT "Quicksilver Snapper Rocks Autralia X
TR Merrick.
Nano Rodriguez 1st place "Alas Tour" 2008 Latin America Tour. XTR Pulse
Jordy Smith 1st. place 2007 WQS. O'Neill Cold Water Classic" XTR Merrick.
Bruce Irons 1st place 2005 WQS " Quicksilver Japan Pro" XTR Lost.
Chris Ward 1st place 2004 WQS "Outer Waters Pro" XTR Lost.
Dino Andino 1st. place 2004 WQS East Coast......and many more.

Sept 2009 Oceanside California: Bethany Hamilton made aquick stop in Oceanside to get her new quiver of XTR- Channel Islands, went surfing with Javier from Epoxy Pro with her new boards, to test and select the best boards to take to the last stop of the WQSin Brazil,nduring the short drive Javier was able to interview Bethany while driving before they got in the water, she was very happy with her 5 new boards. Next day she went to Brazil with her father Tom where the waves did cooperate, eliminating top surfers during all her heats and got her into an excelent 3rd. Place, moving up in the WQS women ranking, at this rate she will be soon competing on the WCT,,we at XTR are proud of her results, she is the only professional surfer sponsored by XTR.

July 2009 Hungtinton Beach-California::Another year we get to see top surfers at the US Open with XTR Surfboards Mason Ho will enter the event with 6 XTR Lost surfboards, all boards with Glass On Fins, Bethany Hamilton will have the same board that she surf on last years US Open event, "the board still on greatshape after one year!, I love my XTR Merrick".Kalohe Andino will also compete on the Junior division with his new Lost Model, The scorcher".

March 2009 Gold Coast Australia; Nine times world champion Kelly Slater is into testing his own designs and with the help of Channel Islands new computer design and Al Merrick, he shaped a XTR blank where was later glassed at Epoxy Pro. He was surfing at the Gold Coast before the WCT event at Snaper.

The surfboard was finally given to former world champion and old friend Martin Potter, The board was light, under 4 lbs, just for testing his unique design.

OCTOBER 2008 Oceanside-California:
After two years of developing the original Parabolic Dual Density Blue rails, Epoxy Pro was
working with Marty Allen from Australia and develop a new composite surfboard made of Carbon-Kevlar rails with similar results to the parabolic rails with the advantage of an increase speed and snappy feeling. "Carbon 3D" can be made with a higher density on the center to make the deck of the board less susceptible to dents and with a true rocker.
The benefits are that this new material can provide an extreme performance surfboard and can still be custom made to any specifications up to 6'8" and with any design, improving the idea of a true custom board that will not only perform better, but also will last longer and have a unique look that is not available anywhere.

"Carbon 3D XTR" is available in all Pulse and Lost and Cole models, and also in color combinations of Black Carbon with navy blue, and dark red Kevlar.

JULY 2008 Huntington Beach California:
Top Surfers gather every year to compete on the most publicized surf contest world wide. This year top surfers like Taylor Knox, Jordy
Smith, Bethany Hamilton, Sofia Mulanovich where present with XTR surfbords shaped by Al Merrick
All XTR boards where shaped by Al Merrick (Flyer Model) and glass with XTR 5.C Team ( between 4.5 to 5.5lbs). and the new XTR-18 resin that is UV resistant, improving previous versions of epoxy resins, all this improvements are the new standards for all custom XTR's and anybody can choose XTR.C team for the lightes
t board ever.

JUNE 2008:
Sydney- Australia, Some of the best shapers in Australia will now have access to XTR foam, Onboard industries is now officially be the Licensee for the Sydney area in Australia, Manufacture will start in August 2008 with top brands, like Chilli, Merrick, and others in NSW Australia.

We are please to announce that the best combination of shapers, waves and customers will be perfect for XTR performance. XTR offers the only custom epoxy surfboard with a 100% closed cell blank.
Please contact Onboard industries at for more info.

MARCH  2007 :
Australia will soon have XTR surfboards, Marty Allen from Australia is gearing up to be the first franchise in Australia for XTR, boards will be available this Summer in the Gold Coast.

Javier Huarcaya from XTR  got  Second in the world  after The South African Chris Kunsten  in the Kahunas division, USA did not have a team, Javier with dual citizenship and an XTR dual density represented Peru and kept the Silver Medal, waves got  up to triple overhead the last day of competition .

Javier Huarcaya -Pro at ISA World Masters

Javier Huarcaya - Pro at

ISA World Masters

Javier Huarcaya - Pro at

ISA World Masters

  DECEMBER  2006.  First batch of  parabolllic dual density stringers for team  riders is in the water , with boards Chris Ward,  Dane Reynolds,  Shea Lopez, Kelly Slater,  with good results they are reordering more boards with XTR dual density.

Epoxy Pro causes sensation with the introduction of dual density parabolic stringers with LOST surfboards and Bessell surfboards. A super responsive surfboard made with a higher density blue foam on the rail with both stringers on the rail. Full production will be for 2007, right now only available on some models with LOST Surfboards.

AUGUST 2006.  Epoxy Pro  introduces a  new blank with parabolic stringers , resulting in a more responsive surfboards, limited to some shapers and some models only. Parabolic stringers are not a new invention , they are just more popular today. and since Clark Foam  close its doors everithing is being tested.

Javier Huarcaya is number one in 06' WSA STANDINGS with XTR

Hobie Championship Tour 05-06 SERIES
Gr. Masters' Shortboard 45 - 55 DIVISION
  JULY 2006  Temperature stickers are improved and custom made for XTR surfboards , new standad  on all XTR surfboards, with this new improvement  customers can minitor the temperature on their surfboards and avoid extreme temperatures.

JUNE 2006 .
With the new improvements on stringers  Epoxy Pro introduces a lighter glassing XTR 5.C designed for competition and customers looking for a lighter surfboard , XTR 5.C glass with single 4oz. on the bottom and 2 layers of 4 oz. on top.

Epoxy Pro decides to improve the strengnth of all XTR surfboards by replacing all stringers with a triple laminated stringer with unidirectional grain,  the results are great among shapers and durability of XTR surfboards.

 decides to get 3 XTR surfboards for Kelly Slater and one for Taylor Knox and Bobby Martinez
JAN 2006- OCEANSIDE CA. After Clark Foam decided to called quits, The whole surfboard industry around the world  took a wake up call,  most surfboards companies supliers of blanks where  coming from only one source, with a few exemptions these was a formula for disaster waiting to happened, and with the excuse that Clark Foam wouldn't allow them to buy other blanks, they stay that way under the pressure of a Monopoly well managed and with one of the best services the surfboard Industry will ever see. Epoxy Pro was one of the very few companies making alternative surfboard blanks for the surfboard industry since 199, when Clark Foam was around any new product  was throughly tested for performance, durability, price, etc. Today we are reading about all kinds of foams and other types of surfboards, in other words people scare of Clark got out of the closet and they say they will "solve the problem".  Epoxy Pro will keep making XTR blanks for the same customers Al Merrick, Lost, Surf Prescriptions, Brewer, Timmy Patterson, WRV, Pulse, Linden, Blair, Pro Circuit, etc. the prices will remain very close to '05  prices , no reason to go up for us, we will not take advantage of the situation.

With the increasing demand of XTR blanks Epoxy Pro will open new branches to service local shapers in different areas, we just sign a new License for Oahu/ Hawaii  with Peter Meredith, blanks will be available to top shapers on the Island starting In February/March '06

MAY 2005-OCEANSIDE CA. Epoxy Pro introduces two innovations XTR 5.0 and XTR 5.2.

XTR 5.0; Using the same foam Epoxy Pro introduces the 5th. Version of the Thermovents; now located in more areas, like the rails and with less vents in other areas like the front foot. Also 5.0 represent a glassing with double laps for added resistance to the surfboard.

XTR 5.2; Represents the same innovations than 5.0 with an extra layer of fiberglass in the bottom (2 layers of glass instead of 1) recommended for added strength and specially designed for surfboards under 2 ¼"; thick.

Surf Expo 2005 Helping promote the Brewer shapes and Plumeria surfboards and just to be there with some of the top shapers and with Pro surfers Javier was able to get some feedback from them.

CJ' Hobgod:"I have one XTR for almost 1 year and I used a lot I even surf the pool here in Orlando is a great board".

Chris Ward: "I like the XTR' (shaped by Matt Biolos) because they are better for the environment and I like to help doing my part, and also I got 3 WQS finals and I won the "WRV" Outherbanks here on the East Coast last month, I want a 6'1" for tomorrow!!

Shea Lopez: "I got mine for over a year it works really good and the XTR lasts me more than my other boards."

DEC 2004 OAHU-HAWAII; Garret Mc Namara order a complete quiver for Pipeline, Sunset and Waimea all made with XTR foam and Dick Brewer shapes, all surfboards where glassed as light as possible for maximum performance 6'6" 6'8" 7'0" 7'2" 7'6" 8'0" 8'6" and 10' for the “Eddie", similar quiver was made for Ikaika.

WSA 45 to 55 year old division (Grand Masters) first place and second place Rick Fignety (Rocking Fig") and Javier Huarcaya dominated the finals with Pulse XTR surfboards.

AUG 2004-TAHITI;. Pipeline local and big wave charger Ikaika was caught testing some of the lightest and smallest tow boards ever.
Tow boards are normally 6'0" or bigger with 16" wide. Not always Ikaika wanted to go faster and escape the foam inside Teachupo in Tahiti. A 5'3" x 15 ½" and 1 ½" thick shaped by Javier Huarcaya from Dick Brewer “McNamara Kalama" model.

This was the fastest board out there I was the only one making out of these insane barrels" Ikaika after an epic session with a small XTR at Teachupo.

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